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    for global healthcare products

    Manova is an international enterprise whose core businesses are associated with the critical facets of global healthcare product industries: sourcing and manufacturing, research and development, regulatory compliance, marketing and distribution. With well-established experience, knowledge, and expertise in global trading as well as in healthcare product development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and distribution, Manova promotes and facilitates the global exchange of healthcare products and services, especially between markets of the East and the West.



    for prescriptive pharmaceutical products

    Healthcare products distinguish themselves from other products due to their direct impact on human life. Special knowledge and procedures are required throughout the process of developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of healthcare products. Governments all over the world exercise various degrees of regulatory control over them, depending on the type of healthcare products involved. Manova has developed strong expertise in this area, particularly for prescriptive pharmaceutical products, which are the most strictly regulated products. We adhere to the most stringent standards based on ICH or US FDA guidance, with practical knowledge regarding other related regulatory requirements in different countries. Our expertise in regulatory compliance and product management covers a wide range of areas including manufacturing, clinical trials, marketing right application, cross-national trading and transportation, as well as product representation and distribution.



    with your passion and expertise

    Manova understands that our people are the most valuable asset to the growth of our businesses. Therefore, Manova emphasizes sourcing talents as well as training and developing our own staff. Manova welcomes the people with passion and strength to update their professional knowledge and skills and to grow with the business. To find out more about career opportunities within Manova and explore what each of our businesses has to offer, please email us at: career@manova.com.

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    American/Atlantic Office

  • 9650 Smith Dr, Silver Spring,
    MD 20910, USA
  • 301-919-4700
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  • www.manova.com

    Asian/Pacific Office

  • 新金桥路255号633室
  • 86-21-50808516
  • ginaw@manova.com
  • www.manova.com